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Living by the sea in Devon provides me with endless inspiration for my work - it comes from the landscape, and from the effects of the sea air and the tides. I am working continuously towards being sustainable in my practice and have opted for cleaner and greener methods of working and packaging.  To address the carbon footprint that results from the casting process, I have recently begun to support and collaborate with community interest group Pollenize 


My collection relies heavily on collecting washed up seaweed from the high tide line on my local beaches which I then sculpt and have cast in recycled silver or sandcast in my studio.  I have collected sea glass for many years and instead of adding precious gems I rework the glass to make more ethical gems of my own which I set into the silver seaweed resulting in stunning original pieces of jewellery.  

After a year studying with Victoria Sewart in 2007 I made the decision to return to full time education and I graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2017 with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing.  This has enabled me to try new techniques and to have the freedom to experiment. The university experience has broadened my horizons and increased both my confidence and my skills.  I was thrilled to be presented with the Victoria Sewart Showcase Award which means that my work is now stocked in her beautiful contemporary jewellery gallery.

I am an Associate Member of MAKE Southwest and have recently become a member of the Green Maker Initiative.


“Over the last 2½ years Pollenize has developed from a concept to an exemplar pollinator conservation project consisting of a network of beehives rigged with sensors and soon to be AI cameras. The focus of the project is to gather environmental intelligence data to research the drivers of insect decline, and deliver public led rewilding solutions. The honey bee will be used as a bioindicator of the health of our environment and as a vehicle to green recovery. From the start of our beekeeping journey we could see there was more value in keeping bees than just for their honey, we now see the future role of the beekeepers as scientists and the gatekeepers of bee knowledge”


Pollenize CIC | Devonport Guildhall | PL1 4EL | Plymouth


Company Number 11251123

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