Living by the sea in Devon provides me with endless inspiration for my work - it comes from the landscape, both rural and urban, and from the effects of the sea air and the tides. In an effort to be as sustainable as possible I prefer to use found materials in my jewellery and use the spoils from regular beach cleans, often including bits of plastic, string, ghost netting, sand and driftwood.  I recycle silver wherever possible and am currently in the process of changing to Ecosilver.

One of my absolute passions is rust and obviously salty air means that there's plenty about to feast my eyes upon along the coastline! I'm particularly drawn to the evidence of natural mark making and I explore that within my work, allowing metals within my cast made material to oxidise.  I aim to draw attention to the marks left on man made coastal structures by the weather and tidelines and to translate that into my jewellery. 


After a year studying with Victoria Sewart in 2007 I made the decision to return to full time education and I graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2017 with a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing.  This has enabled me to try new techniques and to have the freedom to experiment. The university experience has broadened my horizons and increased both my confidence and my skills.  I was thrilled to be presented with the Victoria Sewart Showcase Award which means that my work is now stocked in her beautiful contemporary jewellery gallery.

All designs remain the Intellectual Property of Val​ Muddyman Jewellery 2016

Contact: info@valmuddyman.co.uk

Tel: 01752 308459 or 07894 546886

Devon, United Kingdom

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