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Val Muddyman has created a range of jewellery which brings to life the tangles of seaweed found at the high tide mark.  She collects the seaweed from the beaches just yards from her studio in Royal William Yard in Plymouth, choosing interesting shapes and configurations of Bladderwrack and other varieties that may have been washed up into the area.  Once they have been redhydrated and washed she leaves them to dry having positioned them to greatest effect.  The resulting pieces are then added to with different types of wax until Val has created her design.  She strives  to use no new materials in the creation of this collection in order to make it as sustainable as possible, using recycled silver to cast the jewellery in. 

The pieces are finished with ethical 'gems' made from recycled sea glass which has already had a previous life story and journey.  The designer has been collecting the glass for many years from local beaches and melts it down to give it a second much more precious life, set into unique pieces of wearable jewellery.


Image courtesy of Lauren Miller and Suzanne Freeman

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