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Yesterday the weather was truly awful, the rain poured and summer seemed a million miles away. Although it is inevitable I hate to see the leaves starting to turn and fall from the trees but at the same time the colours are inspirational!

This morning my husband (artist David Muddyman) and I treated ourselves to breakfast out in the Barbican in Plymouth. We find that we have our best talks when we're sitting drinking coffee, probably because there are no household chores to distract us!! I also managed to take a few photos of Tinside Lido to include in my rusty notes.

Through this blog I plan to introduce a few other artists and designers I know through my degree course and show you some of their work that really appeals to me. I will also be looking at materials, inspirations and just about anything else creative.

David Muddyman is an artist first and foremost and a composer and one half of the creative world music duo Loop Guru. This is one of his stunning monoprints.

For further information please do go and have a look at his website

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